Spacebar is first franchise that merge distributor, gaming community, entertainment and retail. First gaming showroom / retail store in Baltics.  Our long lasting mission is to help our clients have the best quality gear and represent gaming brands in the best way possible.

By acquiring SPACEBAR franchise you are getting access to:


SPACEBAR branding;

  1. Customers loyalty program;
  2. Support from leading gaming brands for particular regions;
  3. Special pricing;
  4. Well developed products distribution model from leading distributors in a region;
  5. KNOW-HOW;
  6. Trainings;
  7. Additional financing possibilities;
  8. Technical support;
  9. Ongoing support;
  10. Customers purchasing products on SPACEBAR.GG in your region will be your customers!
  11. Market insights and overview;
  12. Sales statistics;
  13. Access to purchase furnitures and displays for showroom at discounted prices.







  1. Proven track record. By acquiring a franchise you are getting support from international group of distributors that are owned by Swedish company listed in First North stock exchange market. Group owns and able to share successful track record for selling leading gaming brands within region.
  2. Fast developing brand name.
  3. Economy of scale in favour to have better purchasing prices.
  4. Take a part in fastest growing tech sales trend world wide. Be the part of fastest growing gaming community. Combine your hobby with source of living.
  5. If SPACEBAR is still not present in your country be the first and leading brand ambasador in your region with extra benefits!









Our staff are familiar with gaming society and are experts in multidisciplinary fields.

Dedicated team for gaming products is active person in Lithuanian gaming society.





Reaching everyone who's interested in quality gear.  Currently our represented brands are well seen in retail and e-tail. We produce research based mer-  chandisign and product descriptions, which helps  products reach the right audience




“Gaming popularity is constantly growing. Number of people playing games online gets bigger every day. It’s not just a hobby anymore, some people even call it e-sport. We saw the situation and by reacting to it decided to open the very first online store + showroom/ gaming store in Lithuania called SPACEBAR. “ Remigijus Zinys SPACEBAR branch manager.







Help and educate the young ones

about technology and  the world,

big focus on gamified education,
educational entertainment.


Creativity + Programming



We are proud to say that gaming is

a culture and we are going to repre-

sent the gaming community as best

way we can.

We are the voice of gamers.



Quality and big variety of products

for professional gamers to hobbists.

Opportunity to try before buy a high

quality  product.








Interested? Great!

Please contact:

Mindaugas Apanavičius